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Scalable solutions that enable


Savings of sales budget


More qualified customer


Increase in Revenue


Sales Ready Leads & Appointments to keep your sales team selling most of the time.

Channel: Multi touch approach

Know  existing system, Needs, Upgrade Time-Frame, Budget from the Decision Makers 

Demographics & firmographics shared along with call with the recording of conversation

100% accurate email address & phone number 

Real-time delivery to your CRM


Create awareness about your brand among your likely buyers through content.

Channel: Email, 1 -1 phone conversation, Ad networks

Laser-focused targeting to mitigate loss of Marketing budget

Demographics & firmographics are shared along with 100% accurate email address & phone number  

Complete analytics for campaign optmizations

Event-based pricing to best match your needs


An automated solution to connect & engage with your target audience on LinkedIn to create a meaningful relationship with potential customers. 

Channel: LinkedIn

Connect with 300+ potential buyers or key industry players  every month

Automated personalized invite to connect & Inmails

Be a part of thought leadership groups

Flexible pricing options with monthly contracts


Programmatic execution of your Ad budget to get found by researchers of your service or solution on the internet.

Channel: SEO, Ad Networks

Grow your brand's presence on the internet

Increase your brand's awareness among target audience

Slash your Ad expense by about 50%

Boost your impressions by 10x

Let's scale your revenue by 10X!

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